Video Animation Techniques that Animator Should Know in 2018

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Video Animation Techniques that Every Animator Should Know in 2018: The animation is an emerging field. It is not something that can be mastered, but a process that involves adapting fresh skills and continuous learning. We have gathered a list of the best and unique video animation techniques that you might have missed or never come across. If you are thinking about what makes these tips better is that they have come from the industry experts and professionals.

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Video Animation Techniques:

1) Avoid When You Are in Doubt

Many animators experience a point in a lifetime when their chase to perfection ends in complication. The animators at the Pixar often argue that among the most commonly dealt error stands over complex scenes in an animation. They get rid of it by saving the work and starting from scratch when things become confusing or too complicated.

When you’re working on an animation, you can use fewer controls, allowing yourself to move from different poses easily and effectively. It is one of the main video animation techniques that you should know. In this way, you can keep things as simple as possible.

2) Request for Feedback

At the time when Francis was working at the Disney, he reached the boss to get a feedback on the storyboard. During the time he was working on the project of Pocahontas, he stated that his storyboard was much cooler, or in other words, his story was unemotional. The Pocahontas was the first ever movie by Disney that is opposed to the happy ever after ending.

Though Francis was upset by the feedback, he considered it as an opportunity to learn and develop. He made a mission to provide the audience with an emotionally satisfying experience. He told to boss “I won’t be satisfied until I make you cry”. As a matter of fact, professional working at the leading Video Animated Production companies aims to request continuous feedback from viewers only to identify mistakes and improve accordingly.

3) Silent Moments are Essential

The senior animator at Dream Works Animation, Greg Whittaker has more than 20 years of experience in the field of animation. Greg holds the honor of working on the popular animation movies including the How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar 2.

Greg has confirmed that you alone will animate a character, and characters don’t need to be in motion every time. In reality, the silent moments allow an animator to show that he/she is thinking and allowing the audience to be connected with the character.

4) You Need to Come Up With an Ending Prior to Figuring Out the Middle

The storyboard artist Emma Coats has worked at the most well-known animation studios. These are including the Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Animation, and Pixar Animation Studios. While working at the Pixar Animation Studios, Emma provided her services as the story artist in many projects including the Monsters University. In addition, Emma has worked at Dream Work Animation Studios as a storyboard artist on the project of How to Train Your Dragon.

At the time of story creation, Emma suggests that you come up with an ending prior to figuring out the middle. Ending are notably the toughest part in a story, so working on it early can be of many advantages.

5) Keep it Simple

The senior mentor at AnimationMentor, Dana Boadway-Masson has stated that among the most common watched things she finds wedging of too much information in a single shot. In addition, she said that in many cases, it influences the performance making it look unreal and confusing. In addition, she states that an animator wouldn’t want a shot to look or feel fake. This is going to happen if there are various pose changes in a shot. The key to perfect shot is to keep it simple.

6) Decide If You Like to Animate or Just the Animations

The illustrator and animator at the R&R Animation, RosanaUrbes suggests that before starting any animation, an animator needs to understand that if he/she really wants to be an animator. SO, you should follow this video animation techniques also. At the time, when Rosana was young, she wished to be a pianist. She explains that once she wanted to become a pianist until she had discovered various names of the music notes. After that day, she became a fan of piano, but not a pianist.


Final Words

Praising animations is quite different from being an animator. When pursuing to become an animator, a person needs to spend endless hours and even days for coming up with ideas that could leave a lasting impact on the audience’s mind. A person needs to be motivated and willing to put in the efforts required to become a good animator. So far, we have revealed the best video animation techniques that every animator should know about.

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