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Top Trends In Science In 2018 {LATEST}

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Top Trends in Science: Thousands of years ago our ancestors wrote on cave walls. Today we write on our friends’ Facebook walls. Advances in science, technology, and design are transforming every facet of our life. In this article, we will discuss “Top Trends In Science”.

The human mind is always on the prowl for the next best thing. This natural curiosity and dissatisfaction with ordinary have empowered human beings to break new ground in Science.

Let’s see what is the top trends in the world of science.

Top Trends in Science


top trends in science

Simply put nanotechnology is the science of very small things. It was the most hyped up technology at the turn of the century. Nanotechnology has a host of applications in the healthcare field. Most of them preventive rather than creative. Nanotechnology is also widely used in environmental cleanup and purification activities. A lot of commercial materials use passive nanomaterials to enhance its properties. For example, carbon nanotubes are used for developing stain-resistant fabrics.

3D Printed Healthcare Devices

3D printing technology is completely reshaping the healthcare industry. This technology enables the creation of personalized prosthetics by capturing the customer’s unique measurement which is not possible in mass-produced designs. Doctors and scientists believe that 3D printing could be the solution to eliminate the need for human organ transplants.



The rise of the robots has been the subject of numerous science fiction novels and movies. Even though we are from that possibility, robotics has come a long way and is making a huge impact on various industries.

Robotics have a variety of applications in industries like healthcare, military, and space. AI doctors are already beating human doctors in diagnosing diseases.

AI designed apparels

Innovations are already underway in this field. Creating dresses based on information gathered about the consumer is the gist of this technology. The AI will collect data like the user’s lifestyle, travel routes, mode of commute, local weather, and AI will create a dress that is best suited for the customer. In this era of personalized experiences, experts reckon that the AI designed dresses, nicknamed as Coded Couture, will revolutionize the fashion industry.

Autonomous Vehicles

autonomous vehicle

Autonomous vehicles (AV) that are able to guide themselves without direct human intervention is taking the automobile industry by storm. All major automakers like Google, Tesla, and Uber are investing heavily in AV. Self-driving cars are already transporting passengers and delivering goods in some countries. Before long, this technology would spread worldwide.


Computing and engineering have permeated every industry on this planet. The power of computing enables these fields to progress in bounds and leaps. Applying scientific principles to the processes is mandatory for every industry looking for developing sustainable, long-lasting, environment-friendly solutions.

A scientific mindset forms the backbone of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education. Being scientific is about being systematic and empirical. It is about applying the theories to practical problems of everyday life. Scientific temperament can be developed through education.

Engineering is a stream of study where scientific principles are incorporated and applied. Check out these Engineering colleges in Punjab if you wish to go for a science and technology-centric education. As we all know that, Technical education is so interesting and leads students in all aspects wherever they are.

Those who have a Science and Mathematics background and wish to pursue a purely scientific degree can opt for a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in their area of interest. Students who wish to have a multi or inter-disciplinary science career can also choose BSc course as their undergraduate degree.

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