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Top 10 Most Expensive Virtual Items In Game Ever Sold

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If you have ever played any online video Games or mainly MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), then you might notice that some people are too much crazy for the in-game items. They are also ready to pay a huge amount for these digital items. First they pay a lot of money to buy the games and then they pay 10 to 1000 times of that amount to buy the items. So, let’s talk about Top 10 most expensive virtual items in game ever sold, you may not believe.

10. Revenant Supercarrier (EVE Online) Price-$9K:

Revenant Supercarrier

Revenant Supercarrier comes into 10th place in our list. The purchase of this item comes with a sad story. A player thought it would be best to drop nearly ten thousand dollar on the purchase of a special spaceship in the game EVE Online. The game has its own currency called Interstellar Kredits, but they have a real-world cash value, so when someone dropped 309 billion Interstellar Kredits on the item, when they transfer it into US Dollar it was $9,000! That is a lot of money for most people, but especially so given what happened next.

Back in 2007, the player who saved up his money to buy the biggest supercarrier in the game ended up losing it to an ambush. Then the ship was destroyed and could not be recovered! It all came about due to the presence of a spy in his online group.

09. Zeuzo (World of Warcraft) Price-$10K:

zeuzo world of warcraft

Number 09 in our list is Zeuzo. Zeuzo is basically a character of the game World Of Warcraft. The character was picked up by a player whose name is Shaks back in September 2007 at a cost of $10,000. World of Warcraft is a MMORPG game by Blizzard Entertaiment.

08. Echoing Fury Mace (Diablo 3) Price-$14K:

echoing fury mace

Diablo 3 is another MMORPG game by Blizzard Entertainment, and it also has a marketplace as well. Echoing Fury Mace is a rare item/weapon of the game and it was sold online for $14,000 with the maxed-out stats.

07. Sword (Age of Wulin) Price-$16K:

sword age of wulin

On December 2011, a man won an auction for a sword and that was said this special sword will be released in the game Age of Wulin, but that sword would not be his until the Spring of the following year. Age of Wulin is an MMORPG game centered around the Wuxia-inspired lore from the Ming Dynasty of China. Players would practice martial arts adventures and use various type of swords and other melee weapons to go on quests through the game. Its became more popular in China than in Europe and North America, that is the reason why most of the players haven’t heard of it.

06. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skin Price-$30K:

It is very hard to find a gamer who have never heard the name of Counter Strike Global Offensive. Well, in most of the games the items serve a purpose, the gamer get something in returns. Then, there are some items in some games which doesn’t serve any purpose, these are like skins and outfits. By using this items some people bragging to their friends, allies and opponents. Many people spent couple of dollars to the skins and outfits but there are some people who spent more than $30,000.

05. Ethereal Flames Wardog (DOTA 2) Price-$38K:

Ethereal Flames Wardog dota 2 38000 dollar courier

There are many people in the world who can lives their whole life without spending $38,000. DOTA 2 is a MMORPG as well as a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. There is a rare item sold in DOTA at $38,000. In DOTA 2, the players use couriers to transport things/items from base to the player. The couriers are important in game, but there is no need to invest that much money to buy outfits for the courier. One player spent $38,000 on the rarest War Dog courier in the game and the color of its is pink.

If you are thinking why a pink dog sold for that much money, when it has no advantage, the seller explained it, that it is simply comprised of a rare combination of the courier types, color, and effect in the game.

04. Amsterdam (Second Life) Price-$50K:

Amsterdam second life

One of the most popular game of early 2000s is Second life. In the game, you have to create an avatar who lived and operated in a virtual world, which was not all that different from the real world. They created a replica of the Amsterdam and sold it on eBay. As you already know, Amsterdam has a bit of a Red Light District where adults do naughty things for money.It was one of the most popular sites in the game. This virtual city has been sold for Fifty Thousands Dollar to a lucky bidder  from the Netherlands. There is not much information about the person who won the auction.

03. Crystal Palace Space Station (Entropia) Price-$330K:

Crystal Palace Space Station

Entropia is an another MMORPG game and it allows players to pay and recieve real money from within the game. This means that if a player owns something like a night club or a shopping mall that people visit, they can charge an entrance fee or if they own an island or a jungle where people come to hunt, they can charge a tax. Some players have earn a lot of money playing this game, which is why it holds the top three places on this list. For the first Entropia entry, we have the Crystal Palace Space Station which sold for $330,000 in an online auction and it comes in number 03 in our list.

02. Club Neverdie (Entropia) Price-$635K:

club neverdie entropia

Club Neverdie is an massively popular nightclub in the Universe of Entropia. The club is on a giant asteroid that orbits the planet Calypso and was the second most expensive virtual item ever sold when it was purchased by John NeverDie Jacobs in 2005 for $100,000. After five years and John Jacobs was able to see a small return on his investment when he sold the virtual location for total of $635,000 after breaking it up and selling one part for $300,000 and another part for $335,000 to John Foma Kalun. Jacobs got a profit of more than a half million dollars, and proved that virtual properties could make a great return if it was properly maintained.

01. Planet Calypso (Entropia) Price-$6M:

Planet calypso entropia

When Entropia launched, it has only a single planet called Calypso. That planet was sold at auction for $6,000,000 or $6 Million to SEE Virtual Worlds. The planet was put up for sale by MindArk in 2011, and through the deal, SEE was to undertake the management of Planet Calypso and introduce two new planets to the Entropia Universe.

$6 Million may sound a huge money to spend on a virtual planet or item that doesn’t exist in the real world. But according to MindArk, planet Calypso was the home to more than $428 million in P2P transactions in 2010, the year before the purchase.

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