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Top 10 Celebrities Websites Using WordPress as a CMS

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Top 10 Celebrities Websites Using WordPress as a CMSWordPress is a great Content Management System that many bloggers choose for their website because of its awesome features and flexibility. Even many popular celebrities who have their own websites to connect with the people have the WordPress as a CMS. Many think that WordPress is an open source, and so celebrities may not use it or it may not good enough for them.

However, this is a misconception and celebrities pay more attention to their website and its construction as many fans follow them regularly. As a part of it, most of the celebrities are choosing WordPress as a CMS for their website. This shows that how different and great the WordPress is compared to other Content Management Systems. Let us show you some examples of the famous celebrities’ websites in which WordPress is the CMS. You can also build similar kind of WordPress website by any one of these actors themes posted on WPEra.

top 10 celebrities websites

Top 10 Celebrities Websites Using WordPress as a CMS:

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the famous top class pop singers started her career in the gospel music as a first female teenager. She is one of the top performers among the female in the Forbes list. She has her own website with WordPress as CMS. All her albums, videos, photos, tour tickets etc. are available on this website which is nicely designed. All-time sales of her albums are more than $11 million. Katy Perry is the highest paid performers in the year 2015. One can get complete information about her music albums on her website.

  1. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is one of the famous celebrity known for his fastest running man on earth. He is a Jamaica sprinter who won Laureus Sports Person of the Year for three times. He also an Olympic champion for six times. His record for both 200 meters and 100 meter simultaneously shows that he is undoubtedly the greatest sprinter of the lifetime. By visiting his website that is based on WordPress, you can get a complete biography of this all-time sprinter. The site is neatly designed with all his complete profile, achievements, and lots more news.

  1. Maria Sharapova

She is a gorgeous tennis player who won 5 Grand Slam titles on her name and she is an ambassador for various sportswear brands. Sharapova is also the goodwill ambassador for the program United Nations Development. She has a pleasant designed WordPress based site where you can see her bio, videos, photos, stats of the tour, the schedule of her events and much more. The site does also have store option in the menu of the website from which one can purchase the products they want. It is a user-friendly website and the navigation is very easy from the menu bar of the site.

  1. Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is an actor, journalist, director, broadcaster, and comedian. He is a versatile Englishman and he made entertainment as his business from the year 1981. Stephen Fry does also do a travel series for the BBC and it is called Stephen Fry in America in which he traveled across 50 states in America. He does have his own website based on WordPress where you can search for his events, check out the store ebook, CDs etc. The site looks simple with easy navigation.

  1. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester is a famous film personality who had a good number of successful films. He brought the film gritty Rocky on to the big screen. His recent movie opened good collections at the box office. He had a simply designed WordPress website which is home for his photos, work, his bio, and news. The site does also have a section called Fan community especially for his fans and work section contains the list of movies in which he acted.

  1. Andy Murray

He is a professional tennis player from the country England who has many first winnings. Andy Murray was the first player among make to win the Wimbledon, first in winning the Grand Slam title in the Open era and had many more first achievements. In almost all the major tournaments, he reached the quarter-finals and known as a consistent player. One can check the Andy Murray tournament schedules and follow him through his official website that is based on WordPress.

  1. Jennifer Lopez

As a singer, actor, producer and dancer, Jennifer Lopez has a special place in the entertainment world. Jennifer Lopez is also into fashion designing. Both in business and entertainment fields, she saw her success. She set up a record for the top movie and top album both in the same week and she is first one to reach that height. You can follow her on her personal website with WordPress as CMS.

  1. John Grisham

John Grisham is an American Author and is famous for his legal thrilling stories. He has translated in to 42 languages. He is also a great storyteller who had a huge number i.e., 1.5 million likes on his social media platform Facebook. All his books are available on his website from which one can buy them. This WordPress site has conveniently designed social sharing buttons from which you can follow him.

  1. Woody Allen

He is known to be doubling up as the comedian who started his career by writing a short humor. He achieved fame as a director though he graduated for becoming a playwright and an actor. Woody Allen has his own website built with WordPress which has the trailer of his current film you can watch. His name is seen in a unique style on his website.

  1. Ricky Martin

He is a singer from Peutro Rico and is known to be Latin pop popular in the country America with his live performance in the Grammy Awards function in the year 1999. One of his songs “Living la Vida Loca” is very popular and sold more than 8 million copies which are known to be best singles selling song of all time. He has an interactive WordPress website which allows the fans to give comments and feedback. You can see his events, music collection on this website.

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Final Words

WordPress as a CMS is that popular among most the famous celebrities across the world who have their own official website. Well, there are many other celebrities all over the universe who love using WordPress to build their website as it is user-friendly. Also one can easily customize their website with its awesome features as per their requirements.

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