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Things You Can Do By Using Developer Options In Android Phones

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In an Android Smartphone, Developer Options are the hidden settings which is used by the Expert users or Developers. Developer Options are mainly added to the Android Phones for the help of the development of the Android Applications. This option are hidden for the Normal Users.

How to Enable Developer Options:

It  can be easily activated by-

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone.
  2. Tap on the Build Number for 7 Times.
  3. The Developer Options is now activated.
  4. To see Go back to Settings > Here you can see Developer Options
  5. Or Settings > Additional Settings/Advance Settings > Here you can find Developer Options.

Hurrah!! You are now become a Developer of your Android Smartphone. But if you use in wrong way then you may lose your phone or it may be damaged or Bricked. So, if you don’t know about it I will not recommend it to you.

Things To Do Using Developer Options:

You can do many works by using the Developer Options, but here I am going to discuss about the best things that you can do by using it.

1. Show CPU Usage:

By using this option you can watch the current CPU usage of your  Android Phone on the device’s screen in the top right corner. This option is very useful for the app developers because it’s shows that how much CPU is used by a application. By the way if you are curious about the CPU storage you can also try it.

2. Show Touches or Show Taps:

This is a great option for the app developer, normal users and everybody. By activating this option you can see where you touch or taps on your android phone. You can also use this option if you want to see the touches on your screen is works properly or not. So, you should try this option for once.

3. Control The Animation Scale:

The animations is used in an Android system to improve the user interface and experience. When you open an app it shows you an animation. This animations take some time and it slow the performance of your phone. So, by controlling the Animation Scale you can reduce or increase the time of the animation for better performance. You can also disable the animations, so that your android phone runs faster. As it run faster and make the performance better but it also reduce your experience. So to make performance and experience both better you can change the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale to 0.5x.

4. Change Screen DPI:

DPI is also known as Density Per Inch. An High Resolution Android phone has High DPI whereas an  Android Tablet has Low DPI. By using this settings you can change the DPI of your phone, but this option is normally available for Android Tablets.

5. Limit Background Processes:

This option will help the users by saving the RAM and Battery. This option will help the users who are using the older android phones experiencing hangs an lags on their phone due to the low RAM and Processor. By using this option you can limit the number of  background processes or applications. If you limit the background applications then only useful apps will be run and there will be more space in the RAM and the battery will also be saved. But make sure that don’t stop the system services, if you do, your phone may be bricked.

6. Force Allow Apps On External:

This option is helpful for the users who have lower internal memory. This option will allow the android application to be installed on the External Storage or microSD Card, so that internal memory of the phone will be saved.

7. Force Activities To Be Re-sizable:

This option only support the devices which have split screen mode, mainly Android Nougat 7.1 or Upper versions. By using the option you can force any apps to support split screen mode, which doesn’t support split screen. After enabling this option most of the apps will support split screen mode.

8. Mock Location:

If you ever download any app that will change your location or fake your location, but the app never worked. It is because of you never gave the permission to the app. You have select the app from the Developer option and give the permission to the app. From her you have to give the permission to a fake location app. Now if you ever download any app to fake your location, never forget to give the permission.

9. Don’t Keep Activities:

This is another options for the users, those who want to save their battery in extreme level. If you enable this option, it will kill the activity when you leave that application. That means when you leave a application, the application will be automatically force closed. All the processes used by the app like notification, internet usage will be stopped. This option will save your RAM and also Battery.



[P.S: I am not responsible if your phone bricked to any damage happened to you Phone. Do it at your own risk]

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