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Pokemon Go Proxies to Manager Many Accounts on Bot

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Using Pokemon Go Proxies to Manager Many Accounts on Bot: Pokemon Go is a game that since its introduction has seen people loving it. It became popular to many people worldwide in just some few months after it was introduced. It has been commended by many people as the best game globally.

The game is so popular because it offers the ultimate experience for people playing it. When playing, the player goes around searching for Pokemon in the playground. The good thing about the game is that it uses an amazing camera. And a GPS to provide an enhanced gaming experience. It comes with navigation maps where the Pokemon are placed around the Pokemon so a player will search and catch them.

Catching these virtual creatures is a hard task and that’s why people have opted to use Pokemon Go Proxies to stay anonymous while playing the game. Thankfully, the web has numerous Proxies for Pokemon Go, plus numerous bots that can be used together. The proxies and the bot are very helpful while playing the game especially in the initial stages of the gameplay.

What is Pokemon Go?

Before we proceed on to why proxies and the bot are helpful when playing the game, let’s know what the game is in case you haven’t known it.

pokemon go mobile game

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that was introduced by Niantic that uses augmented reality to provide a real-life gaming experience. It is a location-based augmented reality game which is available on Android and iOS phones worldwide.

Why the Bot and Proxies are Helpful on Pokemon Go?

The earlier stage of the Pokemon gameplay is usually boring and that’s where a player will need to pretend to be a trainer to catch and train their Pokemon. The lower levels of the gameplay also involve a lot of activities to get to the top levels.

Proxies and Bots are clever and will help you to navigate easily without your account getting banned. The Pokemon Go proxies will do all the hard work to catch the Pokemon and train them while keeping you anonymous.

The bot will do the job for you in that it will appear as if you are doing it yourself. A bot will also make you look like you are playing the game constantly so you rise to higher levels faster.

Note that when your account gets suspended, you will have to start the gameplay from the beginning which can be very tiresome and hard. The proxies act like a server. If you send data using the bots, the server becomes suspicious and this could make your account get banned. This is where the Pokemon Go Proxies come in to help. The proxies manipulate the data sent to the servers.

How to get Pokemon Go Proxies?

If you want to enjoy the Pokemon Go game, you will have to get the Pokemon Go Proxies. These proxies will make you anonymous while sending data using the bots. You might have known about the bots and the Pokemon Go Proxies, but you might not know where to get them. Below are the types of proxies used

  • Free Proxies

These are also known as public open proxy servers and a free to use. Note that while free proxies can save money, but they are not as effective as paid proxies. Free proxies are helpful but they aren’t reliable.

You can get free proxies and bots on the internet. You will need to browse through proxy providers and choose ones that you think will work for you. But as mentioned earlier, free proxies cannot be relied on.

  • Paid Proxies

These are also known as private dedicated proxy servers. Paid proxies are very effective since they provide a better safeguard and are updated constantly. These types of proxies also last longer and are reliable than free proxies.


We hope this article will help you to understand the Pokemon Go game, proxies and the bots. It will also help you to know how to play the game without your account getting banned. Proxies and the bot are helpful to relieve you of the hard when playing the game. Although using the bots and proxies is not allowed when playing the Pokemon Go game, they come in handy during the earlier stage of the game and when progressing to higher levels of the game.

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