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Insta Stories: How to make Insta Stories

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How to make Insta stories: Instagram is not a household name rather a phone-hold one. Nearly everyone, people belonging to all age groups and sections of life have this application installed on their smartphones. Instagram has crossed over 8 million registered users.

insta stories


Instagram comes with new updates quite frequently, providing new services and techniques to its users. It is a state of the art, modern app that caters to and fulfills all the requirements a user belonging to any group demands. Instagram is a relatively simple app that has an extremely user-friendly interface with minimum complexities and comes jam-packed with fun and interesting features.

It started off as a simple photo editing app but now has evolved gigantically providing a forum for not only sharing photos and videos (with an option of editing using various filters),but also for users to connect with millions of other users through tags and keywords to either promote their business, work, act as a mentor, an influencer or a motivational speaker. Celebrities, sportspersons, designers, and numerous other celebrities own an Instagram handle and use this platform to promote their work in general or educate masses in particular.

Top new features of the Instagram app which have been introduced by the developers to keep the app fun and interesting for the users and to stay up to date with development in the market and other social media platforms include live sessions, IGTV, voice notes, and INSTAGRAM STORIES.

Instagram stories enable a user to record a live video or capture and upload photos from his phone and add them to his stories that will only last for 24 hours. However, you can now save your stories in the “highlight” feature of the app, which allows you and your followers to view the highlight albums anytime. A follower can also engage with the stories i.e. like and comment on a story. This is a great way to increase engagement and ultimately followers. You can also buy Instagram followers to increase your viewership and make your account more discoverable. Here is the complete guide about what are Insta stories, how you can make them, what tips and tricks can be used to make the Insta stories fun, appealing and interesting.

Set the privacy:

 For each Insta story that you upload, you can customize the settings. If you want to make it a public story or allow viewership only to your pre-approved followers. Just go to settings and tap on stories and set your priority. You can also customize individual story.

Don’t clutter:

Keep your stories short and interesting. Don’t spam. Keep the visual factor high and use key-words to convey your message. Use props to engage the audience, we must always remember that all it takes for the follower to move ahead is a mere swipe of the thumb. Gaining attention and engagement is crucial to increasing followers which comes from likes and comments. You can also buy Instagram likes.

Add add-on features:

Don’t forget to use amazing eye-catching features like a boomerang and reverse effect. THEY ARE EXTREMELY POPULAR AMONG THE USERS. They are great eye-catching and attention-grabbing tools.

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