Play heavy games on a budget smartphone

How To Play Heavy Games On A Budget Smart Phone

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Play heavy games on a budget smartphone: If you have a Budget Smartphone or a Budget Android Phone with a low RAM and a low Processor then your phone might be out of RAM while playing Games or doing some works. Their also some Games and Apps which support only high end devices. Sometimes Google Play Store won’t show you some Games to downloads, because of the low Hardware specifications of your phones.

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There are a app which you can use to enhance the Gaming performance of your Phone. If you use this app, then the Games will run smoothly on your phone. Basically this app will boosts the performance of your phone by closing the Background apps and free up the RAM to run the Games.

Game Booster App:

So, the name of the app is Game Booster, the app will clear the Background Activities the less RAM will be used and this is also good for the Battery. Now let’s see how we can use the app for the RAM Management.

game booster

How To Use Game Booster And Play Heavy Games:

  1. Download the Game Booster App from the Google Play Store.
  2. After installing the app, Lauch the Game Booster App from the Home Screen or App Drawer.
  3. When the app is opened, you will see how much RAM is used by your device, and a Boost Button.
  4. Below the RAM Section, you will find a list of games installed in your phone.
  5. Now, Tap on the game you want to play and the game will be launched with the boosted RAM.

So, when the Game will be launched you will be noticed a Better Frame Rate per Second on the game. You can also boost the performance and speed of you smartphone by using the Game Booster App.

So, Now you try this app in your phone if you have not try it before. I hope it will obviously worked.

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