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How To Earn Money From Instagram 2018 [ The Ultimate Guide]

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How To Earn Money From Instagram:

So friends, from the title you can understand that today’s topic will be on How to earn money from Instagram in 2018. But you can’t earn money directly from Instagram like Youtube or a Website. But you can earn a lot of money from Instagram by following these steps which we will be discussed in the article.

Instagram is a basically an application or a product run by Facebook. You can share your pictures, videos and stories in Instagram. If your pictures and videos are good or you are a well-known person then other people will follow you, and you can generate a very good fan base from Instagram. Nowadays Instagram is a very popular photo and video sharing application (social media) and many people have an Instagram account.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Make Money From Instagram?

If you’re thinking how many followers you need to make to get paid from Instagram, then the answer is “not as much as you think” or if we say in numbers then it may be around 10000 or 10k followers.

But it will depend on some factors discussed below-

  • What niche or category you are in like food, technology, nature or the hashtags you use.
  • How engaged your followers are, like if you have 100k or 200k fake followers then it doesn’t work very well, all you need to have genuine followers.
  • Which revenue channels you explore.

Generally, the more engaged followers you have, the better.

While top Instagram users make Lacs of Rupees per post on the photo-sharing platform Instagram, you can get about Thousands of Rupees.

how to earn money from instagram

How To Earn Money From Instagram (TIPS):

Friends as I told that you can’t earn money directly from Instagram but You can make money from Instagram indirectly. So, now talk about How to earn money from Instagram in India or USA or where you live.

So, as we told earlier to earn money from Instagram, your Instagram account should have minimum 10000 or 10k genuine followers or more and some good photos or videos according to your niche. And you If you have less than 10000 followers in your Instagram account then you should work on it and get some good photos or videos and upload it on Instagram, and you can also follow some other blogs to know about “How to get more Instagram followers“.

how to earn money from instagram

01. Doing Sponsored Post and Work With Brands Or Company:

Now, if you have more than 10000 followers, and your content is good then many brands or company may be visit your account. If they think that your content is good and related to their product, then they will contact you and they will request you for the paid-promotion. They will told you to upload a picture or video of their product or review o the product from your account. So, that’s how you can earn money by doing paid-promotion.

02. Promote Your Own Products Or Website:

You don’t need 10000 followers for these tip, if you have 1000 or 2000 followers then it will also work, but they mus the your genuine followers. You can share your own products or your own Website on Instagram. You can share your Physical or Digital product on Instagram and if anyone order it, then you can sell your product and earn some cash and get the money in Paypal or Paytm or anywhere you want. If you have a Website and you share the site on your Instagram account then you can also get some unique visitors of your website and who know they become the permanent visitors.

03. Promote Others Website Or Blog Or Application:

You can also earn some money by doing paid-promotion of others website or blog or applications.

04. Do Affiliate Marketing and Become An Affiliate:

For these option also you don’t need a minimum 10000 followers. This is basically done with a link or a unique promo code to ensure that the clicks transfer into a sale. By the way you can’t put any link anywhere outside of your bio, so you can only put a link at your bio and you should only focus on a product or on a single affiliate link. There are many marketplaces or websites that offer affiliate program that you can join. Some of the Websites are, Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank etc.


There are many other ways to earn money from Instagram rather than these. But we think that these are the best and genuine ways to earn money from Instagram easily. So from this article you know and understand How to earn money and what are the best ways to earn money from Instagram in 2018. There are many Instagram users who earn lacs of rupees from Instagram by using this method. So, we hope you also try this method to earn money from Instagram. If you like this article must share it with your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or anywhere you want.

how to earn money from instagram

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