how has technology changed farming

How Has Technology Changed Farming

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How Has Technology Changed Farming:

How Has Technology Changed Farming: Technology has a huge role to develop the agricultural industry. In the old day peoples only can grow crops in the lands, but now it is possible to grow crops in the desert by using agricultural technology. With the agricultural technology, plants can survive in drought conditions. Today it is possible to cultivate a larger land with the help of tractors and other harvesting technology. It is easier to transport the crops worldwide from Asia to Africa and from Europe to America. So, in this article, we will discuss How has Technology Changed Farming? How is the modern technology in agriculture in India?

With the help of Mobile or Calculator, a farmer can calculate how much crops are available in the field. The weather forecast also helps a farmer, to make a right decision whether to invest or not. The Technology has turned the agriculture to the main business.

Suppose if they take help from the Internet then they can learn new ideas. So, every farmer should take help from the new Technology, and use it in their own way.

Use Of Technology In Farming:

There are the various Use of Technology in Agriculture, these are,

Modern And Fast Transportation:

How Has Technology Changed Farming

With the help of Modern and Fast Transportation, the crops or products will be easily available in the market. A customer can get a fresh product which was imported from one country to another country. Modern and Fast Transportation Technology will help the farmers to easily transport the crops and fertilizer from or to their farms. Fast transportation speeds up the supply of agricultural products and crops from the farmer to the market.

Use Of Machines And Tractors In Farms:

How Has Technology Changed Farming

Nowadays it is possible to cultivate a larger area or land in a minimum time with the less number of labors with the help of Tractors and other Machines. Today, in agriculture or farming time and quantity of production are very important to fulfill the demand. It is important to plant, cultivate, harvest in time. It is also very important to deliver the product to the store as fast as possible.

Cooling Facilities:

How Has Technology Changed Farming

These are used by the farmers to deliver potatoes, tomatoes and many other crops to keep them fresh as they transport them to the market. These cooling facilities are installed in food transportation trucks, or there is room to store the crops at a low temperature. If the consumers get these fresh crops and the farmer will sell all their products because the demand will be high.

Irrigation of plants:

In the dry areas like deserts, farmers have the technology to irrigate their crops. As for example is in Egypt, the farmers are use pumps to collect water from the Nile river to their crops. Especially these farmers grow rice and wheat which needs a lot of water, so they manage to grow the rice and wheat by using irrigation methods enhanced by advanced technology. Sometimes the farmers also mix some nutrients in this water, so also improves on the growth of these crops. Advanced water sprinklers are being used to irrigate big farms and this helps the crops get enough water which is essential for their growth.

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