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Google AI Can Predict When You Will Die With 95% Accuracy With Google AI

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If you want to that “when will you die?” Google AI can help you with it. Google has made their Artificial Intelligence, and train it to predict the death of a human.

When a human is admitted to the hospital, the Google Artificial Intelligence can predict whether the patient will die within 24 hours or not.

As well as the accuracy of prediction of the AI is 95% correct.

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But the way the main thing is how it know that?

First, the AI collect all the data of the patient like his age, gender, and ethnicity. Then it collects all the lab reports, the hospital information of the patient. It also collects the patient’s vital signs, chart, and PDFs by the doctors and other information.

After all the information gathered, the technology can predict the patient will pass away within 24 hours after admission or not. It also can predict the time for the treatment or he has to be admitted to the health care again or not.

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At last, the Google AI has 95% accuracy of its prediction, so it’s not 100% correct.

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