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Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android {UPDATED}


Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android: Since the dawn of humanity, we have progressed so much that now we are capable of connecting with the people living half the way around the world. Once where we suffered long excruciating traveling times and here we are now connecting with our loved ones living miles away from us within the Waiting time of second or two. Android was a great progress that we made in the modern day technology. WhatsApp made a great contribution in connecting people by providing a new platform on their android phones that were once unprecedented progress.

WhatsApp great interface, its simplicity of use design and easily understandable functions made it easy to use for people. You will easily familiar with it in no time. It has all the features that a person can seek on their android devices but some of us are not easily satisfied by what we have we seek more than we are given. The developing team took that in the notice and created a multi-featured WhatsApp application that has many features that we all have thought about at one point or another. Let us take a closer look at the features of this application.

GBWhatsApp features

  1. Themes and background wallpaper

GBWhatsApp comes with many themes and customization features. You can set themes and also customize the background wallpaper as per your choice. GBWhatsApp themes are free to download and customizable wallpaper also can be added free of charge according to you offline availability.

  1. Hide notification ticks

You can turn off the blue ticks and double ticks in the privacy options. With this, you can easily take a sneak peek on your official conversation and respond when you get time and you need not inform why you got late in replying as they will not know that you read their messages same can be done in the group chats.

  1. Change color of calls

GBWhatsApp provides you call notification customization option. You can easily change the color of the calls and even customize the notification option.

With GBWhatsApp you are no longer bound to upload the video on your status just for 30 sec. You can now send your multimedia file in original size, no longer you need to suffer from the blurry effect of picture quality reduced over the image transfer process of WhatsApp.

  1. Last Seen and online notification

With this GBWhatsApp feature, you are no longer required to open the conversation to check who is ready to share a little thing about their day with you. It also provides you with a long list of your loved ones when they got online and how much time did they spend on WhatsApp.

  1. Regular update

What makes this application one of the most liked ones is that it is constantly improved and made bug free within a month or two. Also, the collection of themes is constantly updated to meet all your demands also you can check latest updated Gbwhatsapp download file from its site.

GBWhatsApp is a small application that is packed with awesome features that will make your WhatsApp using experience more enhanced and pleasant hope you are looking to download this amazing application.

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