Cheetah Keyboard Review

Cheetah Keyboard Review | Earn Money While Typing

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Cheetah Keyboard Review: Do you want to earn money online free by typing? Then you can do this by using Cheetah Keyboard. This is one of the best keyboard available on the market for Android Phones. You will feel an awesome Typing experience when you will use this keyboard. The keyboard also has tons of free themes which you can apply to increase better viewability.


Cheetah Keyboard APK Download: Google Play Store

Cheetah keyboard review


Cheetah Keyboard Features:

  • First of all Cheetah Keyboard has tons of Free themes which you can easily download and then apply.
  • It also has a great layout to increase your typing experience.
  • Cheetah keyboard also has Smart Reply, Gesture Typing, and Smart Auto correction which will improve your typing speed.
  • It is the first keyboard which has introduced 3D Themes for the first time.
  • They also have a collection of Gif and memes, so you can easily send gifs and memes to your friends.
  • And the last one feature is Earn Cash option. Now you can earn money online free by typing with the help of Cheetah Keyboard.

Cheetah Keyboard Themes:

With Cheetah keyboard you can take your typing to the next level. You can improve your typing speed up to 3 times faster with Cheetah Keyboard by using suggested keywords.

All of the themes of the Cheetah Keyboard have awesome backgrounds and wallpapers and fonts. If you want then you can easily customize the theme and make your own theme. You can use your own wallpapers, sounds (music), color and fonts to create your own theme.

The Auto correction function is pretty awesome. If you do any mistakes while typing, then AI Powered Auto correction feature will do the work easier for you. Which will make your communication easier and faster.

Cheetah Keyboard Earn Cash:

With the Cheetah keyboard, you can now earn some money as well. You can earn money by doing some simple tasks like Watching videos, Playing Games, Reading News. You can also earn money by Changing Themes and by simply typing. First, you will get coins for doing that tasks, then you can exchange it to cash. And then you can withdraw the money easily through Paypal.

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