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Best Camera Apps For Android 2018 [LATEST]

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The Best Camera Apps For Android 2018: The old wisdom is that the best camera is the one that you have in hand. However, if the camera has bad software, nothing good can happen. Fortunately, there are more than a million apps in the Google Play Store app store, so there is something to choose from, even for photographers, not to mention amateurs who have simple imaging tools. Applications allow you to adjust the shutter speed, use filters, and pre-defined settings. So, in this article, we are going to discuss the Best Camera Apps For Android 2018.

Let’s see what lovers can take pictures on Android-devices. Some applications are paid.

best camera apps for android

  1. Open Camera (Free)

Android is an open platform, so there are quite a few open applications on it. Open Camera has a lot of functionality and is available for free if users do not decide to make a donation, and it’s one of the best camera apps.

The Open Camera interface may seem overwhelming at first, since there are many options, including several focus modes and scenes. You can lock the exposure; change the white balance depending on the environment. Open Camera also offers to configure the volume buttons and editing the button layout for right-handed and left-handed users.

After downloading this application, spend time in the settings panel. For more fine-tuning here, you can activate the Google Camera2 API. Download from the Google play store.

  1. Camera MX (Free)

If the default camera application on your Smartphone does not have enough features, look at the Camera MX. This program has all the advantages of analogs from the Play Store, like adding effects and filters in real time, there are also several additional exclusive features. For example, the function Live Shot. After photographing, a few seconds of the previously captured video are saved. You can save the image from it, if you like it more than the received photo, you can create a video or a GIF file and share it on social networks. Download from Play Store.

Bonus Best Camera Apps For Android: Snap Camera HDR (Paid $1.99)

Snap Camera HDR – Pretty popular program, which will create one-click perfect photos! Great user interface with a lot of different settings for pictures or video recordings, and of course the built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, which will allow you to take exciting pictures both in light and in rather dark areas! Free Download from

snap camera HDR

  1. BestMe Selfie Camera (Free)

How can you forget about the cameras for Selfie, so popular these days? BestMe attracts many available filters. Their number is 125, after receiving a photo you can add smiles and stickers to them. BestMe works with the back camera. By default, BestMe places a watermark on the photo; in the settings, it can be removed. BestMe can soon get support on the Android Wear platform and real-time video filters. Download Here

  1. Camera FV-5 (Paid $3.95)

When LG and Samsung in their devices presented the modes of manual photography, skillful photographers were satisfied with the opportunities opened. It is one of the best camera apps. They prefer to adjust the focus and shutter speed independently for night shots with a long exposure.

The net version of Android has its own manual mode of photography, but you can download an application like Camera FV-5. It allows you to change the shutter speed, ISO, exposure measurement mode and white balance regardless of the back camera’s hardware capabilities. You can choose to take photos in JPEG, PNG or RAW, the latter allows you to edit photos on your computer in applications like Lightroom. The best part of the application is the information displayed in the viewfinder, including the battery charge and the size of the aperture.

  1. Cinema FV-5 (Paid $2.49)

If you are going to shoot a documentary on a Smartphone, you can use the Cinema FV-5 application to shoot the video. There are the same manual settings as in Camera FV-5, plus a few extra ones, especially for video.

Cinema FV-5 allows you to connect headphones to control the sound. A histogram is displayed on the screen, which allows you to control the colors. In the settings, there is a subtle control over the set of options that make you feel like a semi-professional cinematographer. Download from Google Play Store.

  1. Manual Camera (Paid $2.99)

Application Manual Camera uses the application programming interface Android Camera2 API, presented in the system in the version of Lollipop. It is simple for application by beginners at the expense of useful introduction at acquaintance with it.

Manual Camera will be an excellent starting point for bringing your Smartphone to a new level of photography. The application has all the traditional options, such as adjusting the shutter speed, focusing distance, ISO, saving photos in RAW format. Download the app from Play Store.

  1. Cameringo + Effects Camera (Paid $2.99)

Cameringo + Effects Camera offers a wide range of bizarre and practical effects. You can select filters for photos and videos, multiple HDR and Pro effects. You can shoot directly in GIF format; there is an interesting Little Planet mode. For greater fun, there is a function of the distortion of faces. You can Download it for Here.

  1. VSCO (Free)

A popular VSCO application offers a variety of predefined settings configurations, with which you give the photos the desired appearance. You can edit multiple files at the same time to give them all the same consistency. If desired, you can share your photos with other VSCO users. Some configurations are paid. Download from Google Play Store.

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