5 best android games of all time

Top 5 Best Android Games of All Time

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5 Best Android Games of All Time: The obsession or enthusiasm for Android games has been enhancing day by day, especially by men. The quality has also amplified a lot. Men undoubtedly can go to any extent for playing the most excellent Android games. So, keeping all the Android game freaks in mind, the description of 5 best Android games of all time are specified below:

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01: Evoland 1 and 2

These two parts of the game are considered to be one of the most exclusive best android games of all time. Both the versions use a diversity of game procedure. This contains the mechanics of RPG, top-down shooter, puzzle, trading card, a classic fighter as well as a platformer. To the memorable former era of gaming, these two games pay ode. Moreover, for the achievement of superior performance in each part of the game, each button in technicalities, in turn, causes the graphics to modify. Overall, this game is packed with a unique experience. In addition to that, both the versions of the game provide hardware controller support as well. They contain no ads. Lastly, the price of Evoland 1 is $0.99 and of Evoland 2 is $7.99.


This game includes an extended record of accomplishment in the mobile gaming industry. They also contain some of the most booming FPS titles that are available such as the Shadow gun series. This also includes the currently launched Shadow gun Legends, UNKILLED and the Dead Trigger Series. Moreover, the Shadow gun series is sci-fi shooters. It consists of both campaign and multiplayer forms. However, UNKILLED and the Dead Trigger games are based on mission style zombie shooters. Gamers can enjoy a ton of interesting and challenging missions and stuff to do. You can never go wide of the mark with any of them. However, compared to their old or previous version, their newer version has got some brand new, cool features, which the hardcore gamers will prefer. This game contains a premium pricing strategy.

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03: Minecraft


It is a famous game all around the world. This locates you in a vast universe. Over there you mine stuff, construct stuff, thrash the bad guys and do everything you want to do. The game consists of a survival mode where you should extract your very own resources and food. This comprises of an innovative method that provides you everything infinite. The latest update contains tons of brand new content and possibilities. The game can be played on PC and contains comfortable counterparts. Moreover, you can play on several servers with gamers on those particular platforms. Finally, mine craft can be performed at a price of $6.99.

04: Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley is back in the game with the release of Monument Valley 2. The quality of both the games is still top notch. Besides, both of them contain virtually identical gameplay technicalities and graphics. The player goes through an exploration of Escher style puzzles which contains different levels to finish the path with the help of illusions. The premise is still appealing, and the Monument Valley franchise holds a strong position as one of the finest mobile games ever. Lastly, Monument Valley 1 runs for $3.99, whereas Monument Valley 2 runs for $4.99 currently.

05: Nintendo Games

nintendo games

Nintendo contains several numbers of Android games, and all of them are pretty decent. They consist of one premium game with Super Mario Run. Technically, it’s one of the greatest platformers on mobile. This game is also packed with excellent options, which includes Fire Emblem Heroes (Strategy RPG) and Animal Crossing. They got another game, Dragula Lost. Moreover, Nintendo differentiates from Game Enthusiast and developers of Pokémon.

Therefore, you guys should try out these most excellent Android games of all time. They will not disappoint you at all. Preferably, they will satisfy you with the most excellent features and quality.

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